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Creative Real Estate Stuff.

PianoWall1As with most career paths, if you stick around long enough you begin to notice things (hopefully, right?). As we market and close real estate, and facilitate the moving of furniture around the Midlands, I’ve seen one item, time and again, confound the buyer and seller in the same transaction; a piano.

In the age of the iPod who appreciates the piano? If you’re moving into a Shandon bungalow or Forest Acres ranch style home, where are you going to put it? The ‘living room,’ which is the biggest room in the house? If you have a 50′ flatty to put on the wall, the answer is, “No.”

Further still, what if you have grandmother’s baby grand? Do you buy a house around the piano? Do you rent a storage facility near the stadium because you just can’t let it go?

How bout hang it on the wall? OK, insert disclaimer here; I’m not musically inclined, and I’m not a person who puts his nose in a 1,000 page book. So I started thinking. What if you put family pics in your new ‘art,’ or cut mirrors and placed them in the back to project and magnify depth? How ’bout frame menus from your favorite restaurants from around the world? I like it.

While I haven’t appreciated a good book in a long time and can’t carry a tune, I do enjoy a clever idea and good conversation piece. That said, here’s my best expansion of an already good idea; Double your hollowed out hanging piano as a wine rack. I would use a sleek, black baby grand…keys and all.

I’m not much of a project person either but may have to run this by Jennifer and see how it flies. Hmmm…

Seems like a win/win/win; Solve a space dilemma, preserve an treasure, and have something kinda cool.



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