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#SecureTheBag vs The Zags!

You may have heard or seen the term, “#SecureTheBag,” in the last few days and wondered, “What are they talking about? What does that mean?”

You are not alone.

Here’s what’s what, explained by www.seccountry.com

All season long, Sindarius Thornwell has added the hashtag #securethebag💰 to the end of his posts on various social media outlets.

On Tuesday, the South Carolina senior guard explained the meaning behind the phrase “secure the bag,” which is the name of a song by rappers Lil Uzi Vert and Gucci Mane.

“Secure the bag, it’s just take advantage of the opportunity,” Thornwell said. “Your bag is not necessarily money or anything. Whatever your opportunity is and that you’re blessed to be given, just take advantage of it. We are just trying to take advantage of every opportunity.”

The sign in the pics above are the creative brainchild of my friends, Michael Guffee and Jeff Manning. They conjured up the design, had it produced, and toted it to New York City for Friday night’s game.

They showed up with this sign at Madison Square Garden, when a security guard said, “No. I’ll give it back to you after the game.” After the Gamecocks won Friday’s game Guffee got the sign back and hauled it all over NYC and back to Columbia Saturday morning.

That all said, the sign my friends created made the big board and was displayed in the middle of Times Square, NYC for the world to see. So awesome…

Here’s where I’m going to close the circle; The exact same sign that was on display in Times Square was on my sofa during today’s intense game vs Florida. Guffee came over with a bag of Cromer’s popcorn and his sign. We enjoyed the most intense, jaw grinding, yelling at the TV afternoon that I can remember.

If you didn’t know what #SecureTheBag is about…there you go!!

If my friends don’t take their sign to Glendale/Phoenix, I have a feeling where it will be for the game against the Zags.

What a weekend. What a weekend…

Franklin Jones


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