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Lady G’Cocks – Crazy Fun To Watch!

LadyGamecocksI remember a few things about Dawn Staley’s first few years at USC. 1) She bought one of the Downtown “McMansions,” some folks loved to hate. 2) When Twitter was a new thing, she “Tweeted” about a server or the service at Za’s Brick Oven Pizza. The tweet hit all the other news outlets and I believe the young server was fired. (“The New Za’s” is on the way!). 3) I remember a fan of a rival school saying one morning at Starbucks 5-Points, “You know South Carolina is about to be known as a girl’s basketball school, right?” (Time lapse: At the time, Spurrier had not hit his stride yet, and the Yard Cocks hadn’t shown their baseball National Championship feathers.) Recent athletic success, notwithstanding, I responded, “Man, you gotta prollem with women? I mean, I don’t.” Conversation stopped, immediately.

Further still, not too long ago my biggest real estate closing attorney, during random USC conversation, who is a former Gamecock basketball player, said during a closing, “I mean, you gotta recognize, she might be the, ummm, probably ‘Magic Johnson’ of women’s basketball.” #WOW

While I’m a proud alumnae and Gamecock fan, my week will proceed if USC doesn’t win every single sporting event. Unlike some of my rabid (and some of them best) friends, I can be at peace with it. That said, fast forward to this weekend, and I couldn’t take myself away from the dang TV!!

Outside of some football games against Clemson, UGA (and maybe, Nebraska & Michigan), I can’t think of anything that’s had me glued to the TV since the way Ray Tanner’s baseball teams won it all in 2010 & 2011. If you remember that drama, it was unbelievable!! Back to this weekend, I think my wife, Jennifer, was surprised I wouldn’t leave a TV if the Lady Gamecocks were on. I was yelling and jumping all around, and didn’t miss a minute of the action. It was a tense 4/5ish hours (combined), but it was awesome and fun to watch.

Honestly, I thought UNC jumped USC and had our team’s number. I thought our team got beat. Turns out I was wrong and glad of it. Sunday afternoon was a little different as the Gamecocks hung close the whole time and were only a few (uncomfy) missed free throws behind. Clutch play came through and four free throws took the Lady Gamecocks to the next level. Again, I was doubtful, but they made it happen.

Congratulations to the USC Lady Gamecocks Basketball Team. Well done, too, for the stellar fans that have made the trips to support the team. While it may seem cool and impressive at the moment, this unreal fan base may make a major difference for Coach Staley’s recruiting efforts in the years to come. Way to be!!

Next Stop, Final Four!!!…and I’ll be jumping around our TV the whole time.

Well Done, Dawn Staley. Well Done.


Pic Credit The State Newspaper.

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