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Richland 1 To Discuss New VOTING Districts.

RichlandOneMessageIf you live in Richland County School District One, you likely received an email, text, or phone message regarding the redrawing of school board’s four single member voting district. The message encourages you to go to a website and/or attend public hearings to view three proposed plans.

Why am I posting about this? What’s the worldwide mantra of real estate? Location, location, location. What’s my take on real estate? As in politics, all real estate is local. Here’s the real rub; Nothing drives real estate more than schools. Sure, “price per foot” is at the head of most conversations in our market, only because school zones are already set.  In short, schools trump square footage, bedrooms, baths, style, historical designations, proximity to interstate highway systems, pretty trees, materials, all that.

Some months ago my phone and email blew up about “drawing new lines.” I’ve spoken at length with Richland One School Board Member Pamela Adams, Richland County Treasurer David Adams and others to make some sense of it all. Here’s the rub. All that hubbub was about drawing new “district lines” that current/future board members would represent, not school attendance zone lines. The difference between the two, as my granddaddy describes things, is “magnamonious.”

If you listen to the message we all received Feb. 4 carefully, or in my case a few times, the voice purposely and very specifically spells out the difference stating, “Please note, that this process does not effect the attendance zone boundaries within Richland One. Thank you.” Translation – No one freak out.

If you would like to discuss what’s going on within Richland One, I’d be happy to field any questions regarding what I know, or put you in touch with the proper folks who know what’s what.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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