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Gamecock’s Lattimore Is Doing It Right.

On Monday, all of our Facebook News Feeds were full of ‘Status Updates’ that local icon/USC running back, Marcus Lattimore, had decided to enter his name into the NFL draft, foregoing his remaining eligibility to play for the Gamecocks. While it was a bittersweet pill for Gamecock fans to swallow, three words come to mind: Good for him.

Wednesday afternoon we’ll know more about Lattimore’s decision making process, as USC has announced a press conference.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a few thoughts about Lattimore and the situation at hand. Honestly, out of fear I’d be lynched by friends and fans, I refrained from suggesting that he should, in my opinion, go directly to the NFL.

As Lattimore sat on the field looking at his twisted leg, Gamecock Nation (Tennessee players, too) watched a young man in agony. At the same time, we feared for his wildly promising future. The next day it was reported that all may be OK, and that he would probably tow a football again.

No matter his love for USC, chance for a Heisman, or even a chance at an SEC or National Championship, his surest opportunity at the next level and to become a millionaire, is now.

Here’s the rub. All things considered, even if he’s drafted in later rounds as opposed to the first round, it’s worth it. In EASY numbers, $Xx million (or whatever) is great, but $x million (or whatever) is far/far/far better than $0.00. Knowing how Lattimore performs, he’ll have the opportunity to work up to the $XXX million the NFL franchises pay premiere running backs.

USC is a better University because of Marcus Lattimore. He’s helped propel the Gamecocks to national prominence, and anyone/everyone involved with USC is ecstatic about the program he’s leaving behind.

In all, Run Marcus, Run. One NFL franchise is about to be exponentially better than it was last year.

Thank you, Marcus Lattimore, for pretty much everything.


Making A Few Minutes For Mr. Lattimore

If we’re friends on Facebook, you may have noticed I attended Marcus Lattimore’s “Happy Birthday/Get Well” party Monday afternoon.   As I approached the event, I was more and more impressed with every step.

Here’s where I’m coming from with this.  I loved my four years at USC, and thoroughly enjoy living so close to campus (about two blocks).  I attend almost every home game (or in a parking lot somewhere), and casually attend away games.  That said, I don’t pretend to be near the die hard football fan many of my friends are.  However, this Marcus Lattimore episode has bothered me, big time.

Admittedly, I haven’t been to every game this year, and (regretfully) didn’t attend “College Game Day” at The Horseshoe when ESPN was here for the UGA game.  I did feel compelled, however, to attend this event for Marcus.  After all, given the venue was four blocks from my office, how bothered would I have truly been if I didn’t get off my a** for a few minutes to celebrate this young man who has now given two knees, perhaps to the the peril of a multi-million dollar contract to our Alma mater?  It just didn’t make sense to me not to attend, and I’m glad I did.

I think it would be awesome if he could tote the ball for the Gamecocks again, but in the grand scheme of things Gamecock football isn’t what’s on the top of my mind.  The #2 thing that was stuck in my head was his future, or lack thereof, at the next level of football.  Ugh.  Just, UGH!! The pics/video of his mother compounded this exponentially.

On Sunday morning, however, the thing that bothered me so much is the vision of Marcus sitting up on the field (before the trainers arrived to lay him down) looking down at his leg.  If you remember, the time between the end of the USC vs. Tenn game and the next day, rumors were swirling that his femur was broken, all four ligaments were torn apart, and that his athletic career was over.  Again, I couldn’t shake the vision out of my head imagining the thoughts Marcus must have had looking down at his mangled leg.  Once again, the video of his mom watching was just heart ripping.

By 2:00 PM on Sunday, we heard at least a hope of good news. This made things marginally better, but leading up to that had us all welling up in our chests for the young man.

I’ve never met Marcus Lattiimore, and may never.  However, for the reasons above (and that I’ve heard time and again that he’s an awesome human being) I wanted to drop everything today to attend this particular event, even for a few minutes.

The pic above is a quick snapshot of the crowd around 5:15ish.  I wish I’d thought to bring the fish eye or wide angle lens, as the pic doesn’t do the scene justice.  I have no idea how many were in attendance, but at the time I snapped this shot, Gamecock/Lattimore fans were still walking up the brick side walk in droves.

Side note: What the University of Tennessee did on Saturday afternoon was first class, and still has folks all around the country spellbound.  Like everyone else, I’ve never seen that before and it speaks volumes to the admiration Marcus Lattimore has nationally.  I especially was impressed how a few of the UT players made their way all the way up to the cart.  It was a gruesome scene for Marcus Lattimore, but a grand theater of sportsmanship.

USC Can Still Do It. Lattimore Would…

Gamecocks Can Rally Around Loss of Superstar
Around 2:30ish, while I was holding an Open House @ my listing on Kilbourne Rd., a visitor shared the news about Marcus Lattimore being lost for the remainder of USC’s football season. My first reaction was, “Holy crap. Wow, the air just let out of this city.” Second reaction: “I wonder how he’s taking it.” While I didn’t mean anything terrible by the order of my thoughts, I felt a little guilty about it.

That said, given the statement from Lattimore’s family, I think the young man’s going to be OK. I also think the Gamecocks still have a chance to grab the precious SEC East title. Now that the Gamecocks have gotten this far, and lost to Auburn anyway, USC still continues to hold its own future, with only UGA nipping at our heels. Given that UT and UF are having down years, and the Gators forced to play under the Sandstorm @ Williams-Brice, USC can pick up the needed “W’s.” We’ll see.

I have no idea where the pic above derived. My best guess is it’s from the running back’s days in high school. I chose it because it’s a good illustration of what’s to come for USC’s young hero. Further, it’s a pretty good illustration that major college sports isn’t just showing up, putting on a slick Under Armour uniform, and running really fast while 84,000 fans chant your name. It’s hard work, and crazy preparation. Marcus Lattimore is about to go through major preparation, and I just felt like the pic shows he’s up for it.

I don’t mean to post this for negative purposes. Quite the contrary, in fact. Carolina football has major athletic talent, and can slick & power through this setback, if they decide to.

Either way, we’ll be @ Williams-Brice…or a parking lot near by.

Newest List Of Property Transfers!

Below is a list of the latest property transfers as reported by The State Newspaper.

As you can see, the list is by county, zip code, then the street address of properties that have transferred.

Let us know if you would like to be on this list as a buyer or seller! My number is 803-447-8683 and email is

Thank you!

Franklin Jones


September 26, 2018 03:38 PM

Top Five Richland County

709 Barnwell St. 29223 from Sandlapper Management Company, LLC to Columbia Barnwell, LLC $850,000

1028 Muddy Ford Road 29036 from Matthew Wayne Cook to Ronald F. Herrygers and Mary C. Herrygers $775,000

117 Preserve Lane 29209 from Mauricio Bassante Gavilanes to David Yezbak and Melissa Yezbak $675,000

411 Shadowood Drive 29063 from Gregory Nathaniel Katz and Cynthia Morales Katz to Amanda M. Row and Robert H. Rowe, Jr. $575,000

1519 Richland St. 29201 from 1519 Richland Street LLC to Goodrichland Property LLC $548,500

Top Five Lexington County

3168 Charleston Highway 29172 from Foster North Company LLC to 3168 Hwy LLC $3,200,000

1107 Harbor Drive 29169 from Amol Motel Corp. to Aayesha LLC $1,375,000

248 Waters Edge Drive 29072 from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Jeffrey D. Smith and Sarah J. Smith $1,146,000

1830 Harmon St. 29054 from Steven F. Teets a/k/a Steven Forrest Teets and Lucinda Ann Teets a/k/a Lucinda M. Teets f/k/a Lucinda Ann Mills to Henry J. Power III and Melissa C. Power $673,000

183 Glade Spring Drive 29072 from Emily P. Smith f/k/a Emily P. Bishop to Clyde McClung and Linda McClung $559,900

Top Five Kershaw County

571 Old Mill Lane 29020 from Tony M. Bolen and Darah L. Bolen to Daniel L. Royston and Donna Royston $444,000

301 Kings Chase 29020 from Residuary Trust a/k/a Trust B under Will of Arthur Charles Glasgow Jr. to Brenton W. Hutto and Laura B. Hutto $440,000

50 Sixty Oaks Lane 29045 from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Richard H. Johnston and Susan B. Johnston $354,900

218 Hackamore Lane 29020 from Masuncha Bussey to Ritesh Patel and Pinkiben Patel $308,000

144 Kelsney Ridge Road 29045 from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Rebecca Wolfe and Deborah A. Zinna $260,000

Richland County

3721 Rosewood Drive a/k/a 3727 Rosewood Drive from David M. Jordan to Rosewood Drive Dental LLC $410,000

1620 Loner Road from Peggy L. Allen to Austin Matthew Griffin and Gennie Taneah Griffin $362,500

218 Coatbridge Drive from NVR Inc. to Jennifer Junior $239,990

447 Pine Knot Road from Mungo Homes Inc. to Emmanuel Gimel Vinson and Carmen Rosa Stephen $354,856

170 Upper Wing Trail from Mungo Homes Inc. to James W. Winstead III and Melissa D. Winstead $438,834

773 Pebblebranch Lane from Mungo Homes Inc. to Qiu Rong Zhang and Hui Lin $219,000

1028 Muddy Ford Road from Matthew Wayne Cook to Ronald F. Herrygers and Mary C. Herrygers $775,000

23 Hilton Glen Court from David Carlton Hughey and Vicki E. Hughey to Ercie Herbert $250,000

376 Renoir Lane from Mungo Homes Inc. to Wayne M. Norris and Lynne S. Norris $280,390

11 Hilton Commons Court from Jennifer Ann Schoen Revocable Trust to Betsy A. Edgerton $245,000

159 Lakeport Drive from Michael A. Goyda and Tina M. Goyda to Marvin R. Long and Beverly A. Cross $414,900

117 Seven Drive from William D. Colley and Lori G. Colley to William Blake Colley and Ashley Colley $253,500

415 Lanyard Lane from Rebecca M. Lawhead to Chance H. Albers $172,000


441 Stillwater Lane from Mungo Homes Inc. to Jonathan Nathaniel Jones Jr. $252,933

613 Plantation Pointe Drive from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. to SFR3, LLC $143,000

1164 Triple Crown Court from Khoa V. Nguyen and Jody Nguyen to Crystal Faye Lyons $183,000


5321 Lower Richland Boulevard from Anne Elliott Hopkins Kissam a/k/a Anne Hopkins Kissam to James Hopkins Helms and Sharon Ann Ray $370,000


411 Shadowood Drive from Gregory Nathaniel Katz and Cynthia Morales Katz to Amanda M. Row and Robert H. Rowe Jr. $575,000

210 Beech Branch Drive from John K. Miller to Kniccoa Johnson $133,000

1017 Aderley Oak Drive from Aubree A. Marsalko to Anna V.S. Michaelis $138,000

460 Woodhouse Loop from CJHP, LLC to Leah M. Stroman $130,000


1929 Bluff Road, Unit 50 from Amy R. Simon to Joseph Ojiezele $222,500

1519 Richland St. from 1519 Richland Street LLC to Goodrichland Property LLC $548,500

1027 Bryan St. from SSSC Homes, LLC to Luther H. Hallman Jr. and Kathryn Elizabeth Metzger $261,000

42 King Charles Road from Deborah P. Camp and Danny E. Porter to Allen Ray Brinson Jr. $210,000


3417 Abingdon Road from Rebecca B. Gettys and William M. Gettys to Lauren Elizabeth Simonds a/k/a Lauren E. Simonds $162,000


3600 Chateau Drive, #234 from Rogelio Navarro to Vera Janet Mungo $137,500

2618 Putnam St. from Twenty-One Uniontown Land Trust to Ken R. Hutchinson II $121,500


3505 Rosewood Drive from Lara Sheehi to Jennifer Rinella Keup $165,398

3406 Heyward St. from Barbara A. Carroll to Van Henry Gunter Jr. and Allison Ruth Metlon $269,500

3407 Yale Avenue from Jane C. Speight to James F. Knox $166,000

833 Burwell Lane from Michael Richard Shaw a/k/a Michael R. Shaw and Alexis T. Shaw to Marguerite G. Paul $329,000

222 S. Walker St. from Monica Carroll Jones to Lindsey Keenan and Benjamin Keenan $305,000

5 LeConte Court from Robert G. Waites to James W. Ryder and Maritza M. Ryder $335,000

906 Kingswood Drive from Alan Jones, Monica Jones and John Ross Jones to Brian K. English $139,000


4644 Sylvan Drive from John Stephen Lincoln and Katherine C. Stewart n/k/a Katherine C. Stewart to Henrietta C. Joye and Michael Joye $263,000

4919 Shorebrook Drive from Janet M. McManus a/k/a Vera Janet Mungo to John Stephen Lincoln and Katherine Stewart Lincoln $382,500

4232 Ivy Hall Drive from SK Homes LLC to Lynnsey Baker and Frank Baker $505,000

4201 Havana Court from Daniel Culy and Jesa Culy to Bryan S. Willis $209,900

4318 Kilbourne Road from Daniel D. Buckner to Mollie Brown and Ann Smith $175,000

348 Eagle Feather Loop from Rikki Renee Harris to Clark William Eggen $141,000


13 Oak Hollow Court from Jessica E. Pruett and Jonathan D. Pruett to Alberto Maydeu-Olivares a/k/a Alberto Maydeu Olivares $280,000

517 Hampton Trace Lane from David Andrew Shealy and Miriam Schumpert Shealy to Jessica Erin Hyatt Pruett and Jonathan David Pruett $235,096

1036 Universal Drive from Barbara Wardlaw to Eddie H. Mims and Mary K.L. Mims $125,500

117 Preserve Lane from Mauricio Bassante Gavilanes to David Yezbak and Melissa Yezbak $675,000

722 Wildlife Lane from Kimberly D. Wilson n/k/a Kimberly Adamson to Brandon L. Phillips and Hannah Burgess $113,000


800 Bush River Road from Kailey’s, Inc. to Bigtrak Technologies, LLC $420,000


168 Sweetoak Drive from Joe Morris Builders LLC to Richard H. Horah $145,000

405 Turkey Point Circle from Lillie V. Wilson to Murrell Clifton Scott Jr. and Roberta S. Scott $375,000

205 Duck Pond Road from Murrell Clifton Scott Jr. and Roberta S. Scott to Leslie Wheat-Dubey a/k/a Leslie Wheat $385,000

128 Inway Drive from Linda H. Dove to Ernest Gooden and Tina Gooden $165,000

709 Barnwell St. from Sandlapper Management Company LLC to Columbia Barnwell LLC $850,000

157 Angel Garden Way from John D. Singletary to Tia Harris $108,000

109 Heather Springs Road from Priti Balsara to Olin Boyd Jr. $146,000

W/S Ross Road and N/S Ross Road from Parklane Interstate Partners to The Brook $165,000


303 Austree Drive from Carolyn Christmas to Priscilla N. Richardson and Dadrain L. Richardson $186,000

1205 Clemson Road from Hunter William Vaught to JaNelle Kirk and JaMais Marshall $154,000

309 Canonero Court from Steven J. Lykes and Lawanda M. Lykes f/k/a Lawanda M. Jennings to Sharice Dornell Williams $181,000

153 Chatham Trace from Torrin J. Nesbitt and Tawnia S. Nesbitt to Cory L. Miller and Elizabeth S. Kirckl $164,000

105 Honeysuckle Trail from Michael J. Kehoe and Nancy Kehoe to Jon S. Sorensen and Rosalie M. Sorensen $300,000

609 Anson Drive from James M. Brophy, IV to DeVon A. Chisolm $305,000

192 Bassett Loop from Shawn Thayer to James E. Chamberlain and Theresa M. Chamberlain $213,000

105 Eagle Pointe Drive from South Carolina Federal Credit Union to Cameron M. Dixon and Carmaletia A. Dixon $265,000

183 Bassett Loop from Linda Riley-Lattimore to Moore Family Trust $212,900

773 Pennywell Court from Logan M. Fuller and Jill M. Fuller to Toni A. Harkins and Eric P. Harkins $174,900

414 Westmoreland Road from Molly E. Munguia to Joni R. Rogers-Gathers and Raymond Gathers Jr. $257,500

516 Hogans Run from Richard H. Houghton to Patrick J. Moley and Ursula P. Moley $272,000

352 White Gables Drive from Patrick Prunty to James Corn and Jennifer Corn $104,900

2193 Wilkinson Drive from Nex Ventures Realty Inc. to Michelle Bucknor $156,500

218 Steeple Drive from Frank David Eubanks to Gregory K. Owens and Edith D. Owens $173,500

400 Indigo Ridge Drive from Christy Holloway and Brandon Holloway to Joseph Samuel Fulton, Jr. $195,000

Lexington County


6084 Fairview Road from Joy A. Hartley Brill to Yolanda E. Madrid and Marlen E. Madrid $105,000


1830 Sedgefield St. from Estate of Amelia G. Mullen to Saw Blut Htoo and Hser Eh $100,000

727 Knox Abbott Drive from Everette Hutto to Eagles Nest Properties, LLC $400,000

2112 Sheffield Lane from Stephen Horton and Dawn Head n/k/a Dawn Horton to Andrew M. Lollar and Jennifer Lollar $127,500


432 Mediterranean Avenue from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Jesse T. Russell, Judith Ann West and Katrina H. Russell $215,570

426 Quiet Pines Road from Candice Lively and Chad Lively to Laura E. Upshaw, James K. Upshaw and Oneita J. Brandon $499,000

Lot B, Amicks Ferry Road from Charles W. Harmon a/k/a Charles Harmon and Diane A. Moseley a/k/a Diane Moseley a/k/a Diane Mosely to Ray Kuderka and Anne Kuderka $300,000

168 Rum Gully Lane from Linda R. Dunning to Russell J. Schampers $533,000

409 Brookridge Drive from Mungo Homes Inc. to William Anthony Michaux Jr. and Rebecca Michaux $422,414

111 Cozy Court from Ronnie W. Neuberg to Brian Allen Harbison and Brittan Scott Harbison $549,500

508 Connecticut Avenue from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Amelia E. Carter $163,826

110 Walkbridge Way from Frances H. Davis to Betty L. Chambers $145,900


465 Lawndale Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Bradley R. Mitchell and David R. Carlson, Jr. $179,127


1830 Harmon St. from Steven F. Teets a/k/a Steven Forrest Teets and Lucinda Ann Teets a/k/a Lucinda M. Teets f/k/a Lucinda Ann Mills to Henry J. Power, III and Melissa C. Power $673,000

1265 Holiday Haven Road from Thomas Gantt and Pamela Gantt to Madelyn Dempsey $250,000

318 Kimberton Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Dorothy Abbruscato Diorio $297,502


127 Wandering Brook Road from LTD Properties, LLC to Kari Lynn Still and Elden Ray Still $132,000

113 Headwater Circle from Roger M. Boyer to Matthew Alan Torres and Laura C. Torres $210,000

205 Blue Cedar Road from Martha Taylor to Shelli Jean Knapp $164,500

4 Hamilton Park Court from John K. Deloache and Leslie D. Graybill to Carolyn S. Overhulse $186,750


231 Lakeshore Drive from Erich Henley to David C. Floyd $158,000

Lot 2, Section 3, Holly Ferry Lane from Tracy Taylor Folk to Michael Clay Morrison, Sr. $170,000

213 Stutman Road from Olson Family Revocable Living Trust to Beth M. Sanders $300,000


426 Hedge Grove Lane from Mark J. Smith to Jocelyn Phillips $179,900

224 Pink Camellia Lane from Ines Ruiz-Puyana to Patricia A. Crociata-Eateon and Christopher J. Eaton $316,500

276 Rosecrest Road from Brandon Barnes and Nicole Barnes to Robin V. Johnson $212,000

117 Weatherby Court from Alexandria P. Moore and Austin T. Moore Jr. to Angela M. Sams $230,000

283 Barnacle Road from Edward E. Burgess Jr. and Judith H. Burgess to Matthew W. Brodie and Jessica J. Brodie $380,000

501 Litchfield Lane from NVR, Inc. to Russell Bell and Pamelia Bell $309,695

423 Merus Drive from NVR, Inc. to Wanda Beam $152,500

418 Merus Drive from NVR, Inc. to Renee Rowe $174,985

325 Vanderbilt Road from Iraj Mazloom and Joanna Mazloom f/k/a Joanna W. Brown to William James Crews and Emily Beth Crews $204,000

220 Ashmore Lane from Melissa Austin Waddell f/k/a Melissa Austin to Clark Swift $196,000

119 Golden Oak Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to James R. Wilkinson, Jr. and Dawn L. Wilkinson $329,756

357 Scarborough Lane from Robert N. Harper, Jr. and Cindy P. Harper to Kristen N. Moore and Landon Moore $340,000

628 Panrama Point from R. Kent Porth to Randall P. Willis $380,000

102 Valleydale Drive from Merry Deleon Krueger and Christopher W. Krueger to Chase Gilbert and Jennifer Gilbert $417,000

222 Avensong Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Justin Owens and Tracy Owens $253,347

503 Bronze Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Ines Ruiz Puyana $303,473

129 Hemphill Road from Mungo Homes, Inc. to David A. Whittington and Carmen E. P. Whittington $188,643

105 Silverstone Road from Ursula M. Shertzer to Chaz Alan Friendly and Jenna Anderson Friendly $209,900

520 Menauhant Court from Nataliya Sapyla to Robert B. Davis, IV $178,000

138 Stoney Creek Lane from Samuel G. Wallington and Alisha B. Wallington to Brian Keith Jones and Chelsea H. Jones $268,000

248 Waters Edge Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Jeffrey D. Smith and Sarah J. Smith $1,146,000

141 Hemphill Road from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Dawn R. Stratton $182,953

209 Parker St. from Doyle K. Gaines and Denise E. Gaines a/k/a Deniese E. Gaines to Patrick Kane $165,000

120 Watershed Lane from John Peter Halferty to NEI Global Relocation Company $410,000

120 Watershed Lane from NEI Global Relocation Company to Mathew Hannon and Brittany W. Hannon $410,000

237 Hope Ferry Road from TYJ, LLC to Preston R. Rikard and Shannon P. Rickard $184,150

183 Glade Spring Drive from Emily P. Smith f/k/a Emily P. Bishop to Clyde McClung and Linda McClung $559,900

121 Hickory Trace Drive from David G. Lance and Dianne M. Lance to Michael Humphries and Ginger Humphries $286,000

301 Harbor Heights Drive, Unit 1-D from Linda Harris Rolin to Bradford W. Wood and Kay Pritchard $189,000

113 Millstone Lane from Robert Spicer and Kasey Spicer to Tracey C. Easton $199,900

260 Clubside Drive from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Samuel Gray Wallington and Alisha Burnett Wallington $410,000

260 Cherokee Pond Court from Joseph Jansen and Laurel J. Jansen to Tyler J. Thomas $200,000

233 Woodmill Circle from Heather L. Doviak to Harrison Hoey, III $239,500

1801 Highway 378 from Lawrence Rhett Hook to Whetzel Automotive, Inc. $325,000

316 Hollingsworth Lane from Courtney A. Bergelt to James W. Wood $152,500

126 Nut Tree Court from Robert D. Van Arsdall and Debra K. Van Arsdall to Jason Tharin and Amanda V. Tharin $270,000

294 Woodmill Circle from Timothy G. Rekers and Jamie G. Rekers to Donald Lawrence Mager and Amy Michelle Mager $265,000

105 Bonhomme Circle from Billy Kleland Foster, III and Samantha Edward Teague to Cathy J. Kudzia $104,000

335 Pond View Lane from Brian R. Andrews and Teresa R. Andrews to Brian Richard Hunt and Sherri Hunt $335,000

136 Pilgrim Point Drive from James E. Sharpe and Debra B. Sharpe to William W. Wingate and Dianna L. Wingate $457,000

238 Corley Woods Drive from Tony L. Smith and Christina D. Smith to Kenneth L. Tuten, III and Cassy E. Tuten $196,500

208, 212, 216, 220, 224 and 228 Olde Farm Road from TEC Rental Properties, Inc. and Thomas E. Connelly, Jr. to MAK Investments, LLC $150,000

245 Chesterton Drive from Truman SC6 Title Trust to Anthony J. Florio $124,000

210 Huckleberry Lane from Kwang Chul Yoo and Soon Ja Yoo to William Robert Blackledge and Jane Howe Blackledge $405,000

105 Westbrook Court from John A. Shelton and Linda Shelton to Brian Nicholson and Alexandra Nicholson $199,500

104 Pheasant Glen Court from Chelsea L. Giet and Brandon C. Giet to Carl Kilcrease, Jr. and Amanda Gail Kilcrease $297,000

304 Hendrix St. from Alan J. Alexander and Barbara A. Alexander to Jefferson Trent Howell, IV and Heather P. Jackson $200,000

104 Beechaven Road from Neil J. Avery and Marcella S. Avery to James Robert Thoesen $280,000

727 Dawsons Park Way from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Katherine L. Branning $149,000


165 Mansfield Circle from Pauline R. McCutcheon and Rebecca L. McCutcheon to Heather N. Green $103,000

114 Saddle Horn Way from Samantha Deese to Heather Fox $134,500

120 Whitewing Drive from Lewis M. Haddock, III to Katrina L. Koprowicz $111,000

551 Walking Lane from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Lydia L. Cummings $175,000

612 Westwood Drive from Thomas P. Henneberry and Rebecca J. Henneberry to Danielle K. Dietrich and Paul H. Dietrich $138,900

107 Cassique Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Mark Joseph Gravedoni $213,441

828 Winter Flower Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Casey Alan Coker and Coutney Olivia Coker $164,900

724 Sequoia Drive from NVR, Inc. to Christopher Wilsher $175,980

1200 Knotts Haven Loop from Monty E. Putnam and Rachel C. Putnam to John M. White and Carol B. White $204,900

373 Bridleridge Road from Safe Haven Properties, LLC to Terri Hale $141,000

585 Silverbell Court from Mungo Homes, Inc. to David Allen Dewait $239,078

105 Molly Court from Joseph Williamson to Christopher A. Wilbourn and Shawntel Nina Wilbourn $158,000

360 Saddlebrooke Circle from Sandra T. Brasington n/k/a Sandra L. Thomas to Taylor M. Willard $139,900

164 Brooksong Drive from Ernest J. Richards, Jr. and Jerri D. Richards to Joseph A. Heimbuch and Emily B. Smith $155,000

149 Knots Road from Marion Boggs, III and Kelsey M. Boggs to Timothy W. Hubt $215,000

105 Riverdell Drive from Mark K. Gillion to Samuel Tod Ketcham $269,225

108 Chateau Drive from Pamela Stafford and Christopher Stafford to Kyle A. Clary and Shanta Clary $132,500

246 Courtside Drive from Ronald E. Wilson to Jon Max Semerau and Ellen R. Semerau $120,000

349 S. Brook Drive from Brian Keith Jones and Chelsea H. Jones to Jacqueline Billau $172,300

259 Meadow Saffron Drive from Tye Steuck and Emily Steuck to Ryan J. Russo and Heather R. Russo $181,500

113 Whitewing Drive from Donald Piper to Jonathon E. Hornung $110,000

748 Sequoia Drive from NVR, Inc. to Juan Rodriguez $181,000

317 Bridleridge Road from Willie Lee Hackett to Joseph Keller and Jennifer Jinks-Keller $152,900

107 Pecan Lane from Robin J. Johnson and Anne G. Allen to Leah B. Haugen and Benjamin W. Haugen $138,500

522 Winterfield Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Amanda N. Hartley and Nicholas A. Hartley $256,042

1145 Long Ridge Way from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Robert L. Day and Sylvia T. Day $380,873

228 Stagone Lane from Stacey Register to Shoebe 3810 LLC $112,825

134 Farm Chase Drive from Brandon N. Hays to Ronald Crandall and Ginette Mathon $154,000


2105 Holland St. from Joshua D. Rochester to Andrew Strebkov and Randi K. Baldwin $197,000

101 Holly Ridge Lane from Catherine C. Swygert Living Trust to Blaine Richardson and Alyssa H. Richardson $296,000

424 Center St. from Joe Ellison Cleveland to Baumer Holdings II, LLC $110,000

132 Quailridge Drive from Stephen A. Byrne and Julie G. Byrne to Kathleen R. Wilkes $190,000

1107 Harbor Drive from Amol Motel Corp. to Aayesha, LLC $1,375,000

213 Timber Ridge Drive from George F. Steading to Nicholas B. Hauser, Stefanie M. Hauser and Timothy Harold Hauser $192,000


144 Wildflower Lane from Jenna E. Odom to Ian P. Loughlin $162,500

550 Matilda Way from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to SeWon Feldsott and Kimberlee Feldsott $197,854

255 Loop Road from Christian A. Bray and Cynthia F. Bray to Lovette Investment Properties, LLC $110,000

158 Saint George Road from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Curtis Jenkins and Chenita R. Jenkins $166,307


3168 Charleston Highway from Foster North Company, LLC to 3168 Hwy, LLC $3,200,000


303 Willow Winds Drive from Cinda R. Anderson Revocable Trust to Seth Hall and Duane Hall $145,000

1001 Gardendale Drive from David Jones and Alicia Jones to Brandon Earl Coe $165,000

303 Pittsdowne Road from Estate of Ralph E. Hulbert and Janice D. Hulbert to Melinda Garvin $147,000

3656 Cairnbrook Drive from Rosemary Beth Johnson and Dawn Nicole Johnson to County of Lexington $102,000

424 Forest Grove Circle from Rose M. Jenkins to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC $118,500

307 N. Stonehedge Drive from Natalie J. Reeder to Richard D. Viola, III and Kayla S. Viola $180,000

3518 Calmbrook Drive from LaTorrie D. Jones to County of Lexington $100,000

3620 Calmbrook Drive from Jennifer Ann Gneiser f/k/a Jennifer Gneiser-Hall f/k/a Jennifer A. Hall to County of Lexington $108,000


336 Cove Court from Richard A. Heiens and Gabrielkla M. Heiens to The Entrust Group $150,000

338 Cove Court from Richard A. Heiens and Gabrielkla M. Heiens to The Entrust Group $150,000

1419 Murrayview Drive from Korey F. Brown and Laura F. Brown to Lashanda D. Duncan $130,000

401 Garmony Road from Peter A. Lageorge to Bernadette Rush and Josh Lambert $145,000

1307 Country Squire Drive from Robert W. Jackson and Cheryl L. Jackson to Mark R. Fuge and Jennifer L. Fuge $196,000

255 Danby Court from Sydney P. Doomey and Ryan A. Doomey to Cierra Parks Dunlap $178,500

417 Beechwood Drive from Jane E. Bleckley to Alfonso Dominguez and Sandra Dominguez $192,000

522 Banyan Court from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to The Hoyt Family Trust $328,848

252 Rolling Rock Road from Gary N. Smith to SFR JV-1 Property, LLC $103,000

Kershaw County


1139 Seegars Mill Road from Jacqueline L. Huggins to Michael Allen Roderigues $242,000

913 Stagecoach Road from Jimmy H. Garner to William A. Horner and Sheila C. Horner $213,000

301 Kings Chase from Residuary Trust a/k/a Trust B under Will of Arthur Charles Glasgow, Jr. to Brenton W. Hutto and Laura B. Hutto $440,000

1809 Forest Drive from Patricia Hodsdon to Jason B. Neely and Catherine R. Neely $129,000

218 Hackamore Lane from Masuncha Bussey to Ritesh Patel and Pinkiben Patel $308,000

19 Bomburgh Road from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Jacquelyn L. Huggins $175,500

123 Northgate Drive from Johnslyn H. Pase to Samuel T. Dukes, III $141,500

571 Old Mill Lane from Tony M. Bolen and Darah L. Bolen to Daniel L. Royston and Donna Royston $444,000


1868 Wildwood Lane from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Anthony Sinkler and Andrayier Sinkler $249,124

1871 Wildwood Lane from Lawrence J. Miller, Jr. to Mark A. Davis and Charlene B. Davis $176,000

144 Kelsney Ridge Road from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Rebecca Wolfe and Deborah A. Zinna $260,000

50 Sixty Oaks Lane from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Richard H. Johnston and Susan B. Johnston $354,900

110 Abbey Road from John Michael Bellinger to Megan Ann Rush $158,500


39 Derby Lane from Joan Marie Haynes to Martha Kay Arehart $134,000

2313 Ridgeway Road from Homer Bernard Adkins, Jr. and Linda Sue Frye to Richard M. Dubois and Holly A. Dubois $139,900

208 Laurel Point from Barry T. Catoe and Sandra L. Catoe to Tabitha Kernan $192,900

317 Chickadee Lane from Daniel J. Nicholas to Jose A. Lopez $127,000

29 Glad Tidings Road from Debra L. Smith to Thomas W. Smith, Jr. and Sallie Mae Smith $195,000

“Coach… You’re An Idiot!!” Mirror Time.

Given as much fun as everyone has on Saturday afternoons during Gamecock football home games, it irks me to no end to get in the stands and hear a constant “C’mon! Connor is terrible!,” or “You’ve got the best back in the nation, dumba**! Give it to Lattimore!” (we all know he’s the best, but he can’t run it every down). I almost want to challenge these folks to coach in their local Pop Warner League, and try and go 6 – 5. Good luck.

Honestly, what I’m leading up to is one of my ultimate pet peeves. I don’t know what it is, but when a fan yells, “Spurrier!  You’re an idiot!!!” over and over again, I just squint my eyes and shake my head. Here’s why it kills me inside. If Steve Spurrier is such an “idiot,” WHAT DOES THAT MAKE US???

I’m “just sayin’,” here, but to repeatedly yell how stupid a guy is just so dumb in itself. After all, Spurrier’s a multi-millionaire, plays golf whenever/wherever he wants, eats the biggest steaks whenever he wants, has a national championship ring, has a household name, is begged to sign his name on fake white footballs, and on and on. The yeller, on the other hand, is sitting in a $35 – $55 seat on the zero yard line, after drinking watered-down vodka red bulls in a parking lot for three hours and has a sweaty butt.

Even further, when “Idiot” is belted out over and over, the rest of the section awkwardly looks at one another shaking their heads, almost communicating via mental telepathy, “Dude. Dude…”

I’m not sure why this irks me so much, but its the same thing with presidents and presidential candidates. When someone barks at me, “Bill Clinton is an idiot,” or “Bush/Obama/Romney is an idiot,” I put my hands in my pockets and say, “Oh, OK…”. You know the rest.

Anyway, WOOHOO for the Gamecocks. We all had a huge time tailgating and watching them go off on our new SEC buds. I also had a big time knowing the “idiot” Spurrier notched another big win, and the “terrible” Connor Shaw banged out 20 straight completions.

I know the name-callers in the stadium are fired-up and half-lit. I’m just sayin’, if you’re bold enough to call Spurrier a dumba$$, it may be mirror time. I’m not defending Coach Spurrier, but he’s not an idiot. If he is, then…

Gamecocks Are The Beast of SEC East

Tide Traveled To Columbia, SC… And Got Jumped

In the world of college football, it seems as though ‘something special’ happens to a program on any given Saturday. This Saturday, the program was the University of South Carolina.

I don’t know what was in the air, and quite frankly none of us care as for a weekend, Columbia, SC was the center of the college football universe.

As the nation watched, Spurrier and Ellis Johnson were in sync and by the time Alabama could read the scoreboard, the defending National Champions had officially been jumped. I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I can’t remember a time when all of our players preformed to provide a victory like this. Offensively… Garcia, Alshon and Lattimore looked like “All-Americans,” all day long. On other side of the ball, Stephon Gilmore was all over the place ridiculous. It was fun to watch.

We’re all proud of the USC football team. What they did is a big deal and has really shaken up the college football world. I hope they can use this performance to propel the program to the next level.

For a 37 year old fan that lives in Columbia, perhaps the best thing about it all is how it effects the Midlands as a whole. No doubt about it, the week after a Gamecock victory is a good one, as the whole city seems to be in a better mood. In short, it’s going to be a great week in Columbia.

We’ll see what the future holds but at the moment, the University of South Carolina is The Beast of the SEC East and ranked #10 in the country. For now, I’ll just leave it at that. 🙂