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Video @ 521 Congaree Ave. Please Enjoy!

Welcome to the video debut of our latest listing at 521 Congaree Avenue – Wales Garden – in downtown Columbia, South Carolina. This 4,750 square foot downtown Columbia, SC home is sleek, polished, and replete with top shelf creativity, and materials. For instance, pay special attention to the narrow board heart of pine floors, massive granite topped island in the kitchen, resort style pool, and two story owner’s suite.

If we’re Facebook friends or if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re well aware of how proud I am of our video productions. While I spent many hours researching who might be the perfect fit for this facet of our marketing efforts, the videographers themselves have gone far beyond what I thought they could produce. If you can’t tell, I’m busting with pride. Jamie and Marianna’s time and talents make me sit up, lean forward, and hit the re-play button. They’re the best.

When I first saw the video of Tanglewood in Heathwood, I knew I had something special. The video of “Ashworth Place” was equally as fun and impressive. Enter, 521 Congaree Avenue. BOOM.

I hope you enjoy the video of this awesome Wales Garden home. Tomorrow we’ll attach it to,, and every other dot com out there.

If you or anyone you know is interested in viewing 521 Congaree Avenue, please call 803-447-8683 or email or . The home is a pleasure to show, and as you may gather from the address, we’re always only a few minutes away.

If you don’t know how to go “full screen” and would like a larger experience, here ya go: TeamFranklin

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

First Look – Our Brand Of Video

Hello!! If you’re new to this site, chances are you arrived here from clicking a black F|A logo. If that’s the case, welcome to the blog! As you click around a little, you’ll notice I’ve typed about anything/everything for a little over five years. This post (video above & text below) is a recent one I thought you might enjoy for your first visit.

Again, if you’re new to the blog, WELCOME! We hope you’ll visit often!

Thank you! FJ

Last year was big for video in the real estate industry. Thousands of Realtors are doing peronal video bios, listings are all over YouTube, and virtual tours are getting a little better. Nationally, Coldwell Banker put a lot of stock in video and from what I hear, it was a good move.

If you remember, some months ago I put a ton of time into finding just the video product I was looking for. In case you’re new to the blog, or don’t remember the blog post, here’s the finished product of “Tanglewood.” The project was a grand-slam home run that raised the real estate video level, times X. Realtors from across the country emailed awesome reviews, including a top producing team’s media manager @ The Corcoran Group in New York, NY. (I knew I had something good, but the Corcoran thing solidified it for me, BIG TIME!)

Since then, there have been some fun and creative listing videos made. For example, fellow Realtor, Dan Hamilton (Greenville), has produced some good products as well.

AshWorth Place,” is another example of this. As you’ll see, my videographer partner catches the scerenity of the property’s setting and amps it up for an overall intense two minutes of awesome real estate viewing pleasure.

Once again, this has been a fun project for the team, and a cool example of our brand or real estate. I don’t want to over do it here, but it’s sharp, polished, and we like it.

If you or anyone you know could take advantage of this style of real estate marketing please call or email or .

Thank you!


Having A Big Time With Video Project

Trailer Released!! Our Brand of S.C. Real Estate
For a good while now, I’ve tinkered with the thought of incorporating video into some of our inventory. Sure, we have “Virtual Tours,” which certainly have an impact in the overall marketing effort.

Truth be typed, I haven’t taken video to the next level because I haven’t been impressed with many of the finished products out there.

I quickly learned that making good video takes a good videographer (duh). Expanding on this, all videographers are not the same! In searching for local talent, I embarrassingly admit to having watched scores of wedding videos in the middle of the night looking for the right person to approach about our little project. I mean, where else would you know to look for videographers, other than trolling wedding videos on Google??? Hence, my wedding scout time.

After what seemed to be a million minutes of searching, I finally found who seems to be a perfect fit for what I was trying to accomplish. When this husband/wife team learned about the upbeat-tempo, time-lapse vision of what I was looking for, they put their flavor on it and produced a game changing product.

Anyway, I’m not sure our movie trailer of “Tanglewood” is quite finished, and I’m pretty sure the seller hasn’t seen any of it yet. In my bias, however, it’s good enough in its current state to leapfrog everything 10-fold in our marketplace today.

I don’t want to overdo it, but I think you’ll like our product well enough to tell your friends about how we do things, and about our brand of real estate. I’m proud of this new product/project we’ve added to our practice. If you think its pretty good, shoot us an email at or to see if your house (or a friends) is a good fit for something like this.

This trailer is short & sweet, and I hope you’ll like it enough to watch it twice. Welcome to my listing in Heathwood, SC.

Check What’s Sold In Your Neighborhood!

What SOLD On Your Street?

‘Fun Project,’ Becomes Game Changer

Video Trailer Debut Has Created Crazy Stir
When I viewed the trailer of 1536 Tanglewood Rd., in Heathwood, I knew we had something special. That said, the video is enjoying such a buzz, that I need to leave the subject matter at the top of the blog for a little longer.

Even though the product may not be completely finished (may need to add a shot of the owner’s suite, and back patio), I had so many ants in my pants to show someone, that I put it on Facebook. Obviously, I’m glad of it.

What I didn’t expect, was for Amanda to throw it on her Facebook Wall this afternoon. I’m ecstatic she did, but in doing so she exposed it to a fresh set of eyes, including hundreds of REALTORS.

What I’m getting at is, I need to let the link marinate a little while longer. If you can’t tell, I’m beaming at the reaction the project is getting. 🙂

It’s fun to be ahead of the curve on things like blogging or QR Codes, but it’s something else to raise a bar into a flat out game changer, and bounce a whole new product category. My new video partner may have blasted out the best real estate video on the East Coast.

And to think…. this is our first go at it! I can’t wait to expand on the possibilities. It shows better (bigger), if you click the link instead of the actual video above.

Thank you for your patience regarding a repetitive post!